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On May 4, 2017, on my way to Maryland with my entire family, my car broke down in the middle of the night and we begin to give thanks to God because the Bible says in the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances. We begin to believe God for something bigger and the Lord blessed us with a bigger car than the one that break down. The book of Psalm 5:12 says “Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield”. We were also believing God for a bigger house and behold this time around the Lord favor us with a big 3 bedrooms apartment at a price that we were shocked. This can only be God’s doing and it is marvelous in our side.


Reuben Ukwela, Pharm.D, R. Ph

I was invited to take on the responsibility of leading Sunday school at the Church in 2014. I hesitated initially because of my family, job, and academic commitments. The fear of not being around every weekend to give my best was my main concern, but I saw it as both a call and a challenge. After some time of prayers and discussion with church leadership about my availability I accepted to lead Sunday school. The demands of academic work can be intimidating, but to the praise and glory of God I successfully completed my Pharm.D program in 2016, later passed the licensure exams, and God miraculously opened the door of a job for me in a hospital. In retrospect, I am glad I gave a little of my time to serve God while at LECOM, Erie. I was greatly blessed during my personal preparations as well as the teaching sessions. I encourage anyone who is determined to serve God not to be deterred by academic or other commitments. God is faithful. He will give you the grace, strength, and wisdom to manage your time, be blessed and be a blessing to His Church. Nobody serves God and lives to regret it. He is never a debtor to anyone and we can never trade with Him at a loss.



My name is Oluwaseun, a PharmD graduate from LECOM and also a member/worker of the RCCG Living Spring Erie, PA. First, I welcome you in the name of the Lord to this gathering of his children. You wouldn’t want to have it any other way, trust me. During my time at school (as many of you already know how challenging it is), I was able to win via God’s grace but also through the people of my church. I still remember my first visit, to how I slowly became a member and also to how I became a worker (Children’s pastor) till graduation. Through His people, God has blessed me with so much warmth, guidance and love; all of which I experienced with the RCCG Living Spring Family. Thank you for being a part of my journey and memory. God continue to bless and uphold His people in Jesus name.



From Alex and Trudy Greetings people of God. This is Mr. and Mrs. Nyarko, former students at LECOM School of Pharmacy. We bless the name of God Almighty for how far He has brought us. Two years ago, my wife and I were students at LECOM School of Pharmacy. As students, we looked for a place to worship, and by God’s grace, we were invited to Redeem Christian Church of God. This is a place where you find the true essence of living. A church where everyone, no matter your nationality, race or color is welcomed and loved. As busy as we were in school, we still made time for God’s work. I was a drummer and in the technical department. My wife was in the choir and the financial department. As the scripture says in Mathew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” By putting God first, He saw us through in all our endeavors; we came out victorious. By God’s grace my wife and I are both CV Pharmacy Managers in East Texas. Our journey wouldn’t have been smooth without the spiritual guidance of Pastor Adebola and Adeola Adebayo; and the leaders of the church. We thank God for their lives, and for using them to bless many. Pastor Adebola has been an inspiration to us; it is such a blessing to meet a true man of God. He is a father, counsel or teacher, the best friend anyone could ask for. God has truly blessed my family through this ministry and in return we have decided to support this church financially. I encourage you all to stay under the feet of Jesus. Let Him in your life; for without Him you cannot do anything. We wish you all the best as you embark on your journey as healthcare professionals. May the good Lord that saw us through do the same for you. God bless you.



There is nothing like being in a church where people truly love the Lord and care about one another. RCCG Erie is a church family. The three years I spent there were a great time of fellowship and spiritual growth. Some things that stood out to me among others are Pastor Adebola’s youth/singles mentorship and Pastor Mrs. Adeola’s hospitality. I was part of the choir during my stay there and it was fantastic. I haven’t felt at home with another choir the way that I felt with the Levites. RCCG Erie is still a home to me. Even after being gone from there for more than two years now, I still come visit whenever I can, and it’s always a great joy to see the brethren. Thank you Pastor Adebola and Adeola Adebayo for serving the Erie community.



My name is Patricia Baffoe. I attended LECOM school of Pharmacy from 2013 to 2016. During my first semester of pharmacy school, I decided to exclude myself from extra church activities, as my thought was that, it would take up my study time. However, through the teachings of Pastor Adebayo, I realized the true meaning of our service as Christians. Our service to God is not only a Sunday ritual. Our services requires committing ourselves wholly to the building of God’s kingdom, by touching lives with our God given talents, as well as wining souls for the kingdom. As Matthew 6:33 says, we should seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things will be added. I eventually joined the praise and worship team, and the children’s department. I felt honored to lead God’s people in a time of praise and to even have an impact on the children’s lives. As I sacrificed my time and effort for God, He also never forgot me. My grades improved drastically even though I was not investing any more effort than I was. I would like to thank Pastor and Mrs. Adebayo for their sacrifice and selfless dedication to building the God’s children, especially the students who step foot into the church. I can boldly declare that my prayer life and my understanding of service to God has enhanced greatly due to my involvement in this ministry. God bless you again I would like to say a special congratulation to Pastors Adebola and Adeola Adebayo, the leadership team and the RCCG Erie on their 7th year anniversary. May God continue to use you to change lives and affect generations.



A big congratulation to RCCG Erie PA. It has been God from the foundations of this church. Watching it grow into what it is now is a big milestone and will like to give thanks to God and the man of God (Pastor Adebola Adebayo) for this great achievement. I was given an opportunity to serve the Lord in this church through the choir department and I give God the glory to be able to minster to the congregation through praise and worship. Throughout my 2 years in Erie PA, God used this church to support me, made me feel like I was home (with the fact that my husband was 365miles away), they accepted me and my family into their ONE big family. I always knew I had a family to fall back on guaranteed. Congratulations once again to Pastor Adebola & Adeola Adebayo. May the good Lord that started this magnificent work sustain you all the way in Jesus Name Amen



To God be the glory for the great marvelous things he is doing in this church, in our midst and in my wonderful family. Let me share this summarized testimony with us. About 5 years ago, I got a job (my first professional job) in Erie, as a result, I moved to Erie. So, I came to Erie as a single man, living as a professional bachelor, e.t.c. During the 5 years being in Erie, working in the house of God serving in every department that I could possible serve, God has been faithful to my family. These are few of the blessings I received while I have been in this church: I got married to a wonderful and blessed woman, have a handsome baby boy, got many promotions upon promotion at work, physically and mentally stable, and most importantly peace of mind. I can only thank God for he has done, because he’s the only one that blesses someone and add no sorrow. I didn’t receive all these blessings because I am perfect, or holy, or because I know it all, it’s simply because of his mercies and also because of the sacrifice that my family put in his house. This is an encouragement to someone that we should focus on our work/walk with God, and he will grant every desire of our hearts. Happy 7th year Anniversary to RCCG Erie. The good Lord will continue to strengthen his church, and the gates of hell will not prevail over His church. The church will celebrate 100 years, 200 years, 300 years and many more if Jesus has not come.

Thanks, and God bless

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